Welcome to the Amazonian Rainforest

Amatopo Rainforest Retreat is an initiative of a private nature lover, who came to the village first time as a child with his father in 1985 for fishing and hunting. With the years the contact with the indigenous people of the village Amatopo get closer and in 2002 there was the opportunity to build a first hut, to invite friends from town and from abroad. the idea grew to set up a precious lodge for nature lovers. the lodge is was was built and maintained in close cooperation with the indigenious people. the residents of the village consider themselves Okomoyana, which means "wasp people." they are a subdivision of the trio people. the Surinamese rainforest attracts over 700 species of birds, almost 200 species of mammals and many amphibians and reptiles.

How to get there

A 1,5 hours flight from the capital Paramaribo brings you to the small air- strip in Amatopo. After a welcome drink, your luggage will be transported to your rooms, while we take short walk to the Amatopo Rainforest Retreat together. At our welcome desk, we will introduce you to our team and all our facilities.